25 April 2018
The redevelopment phase of the Spine Remodelling Project has been underway since August 2016 and has so far seen the introduction of Great Hall Square, Great Hall Courtyard and Physics Garden in the North of Campus and Furness College Court in the South.

So Far…

Great Hall Square

A sequence of levelled pathways, new seating and planted areas make this an eye-catching, yet practical, feature for visitors to the University. The area provides privacy to surrounding buildings via the modern looking planted wall, whilst creating an open “social space” in the form of beautiful gardens. The water feature offers tranquil notes of relaxation for all to enjoy. The area also includes a bike store encouraging commuters to cycle and enjoy the University’s beautiful surrounds.

Great Hall Courtyard

New paving and canopy throughout will revitalise the area and provide a weatherproofed route, connecting the beautiful garden leading to Great Hall Square, with the rest of the Spine.

Physics Garden

A productive herb garden lines the pathways leading to the side entrance of Faraday lecture theatres and around the outskirts of the building. The area is opened up and features light, vibrant areas ideal for studying and relaxation as well as providing an accessible route in to the Faraday Complex.


Construction works are focussed heavily in two areas of campus. The North; between Alexandra Square and the Faculty of Arts and Social Science (FASS), and the South; between Alexandra Square and Furness College.

In the North…

  • New paving has been installed along the North Spine, from Alexandra Square up to FASS.
  • Steel works have been installed along the Façades of County South, FASS and Bowland North and contractors are now installing the canopy and paving in the area. The Spine is closed here and a diversion is in place. This is expected to continue over Summer Term.
  • Plants are being planted in Physics Garden and handrails are on the way.

And in the South…

  • The South Spine remains closed from Alexandra Square but works are progressing well and the University hope to have this opened temporarily in the next couple of months.
  • The Deli and LUSU Living are open.
  • Works in Library Square (along the East elevation of the Library Building) are expected to complete in Summer Term, later this year.
  • Paving and minor finishing works have commenced in Furness College Courtyard. The works involve localised restrictions to the Spine as paving is re-visited in the area.
  • Tree and shrub planting took place mid-March outside LEC. Works are ongoing in the area but access is maintained to the LEC entrance. An accessible diversion is in place as work is conducted to the Furness entrance.
  • The entrance to Furness College from the Spine is closed while the canopy is installed. These works are scheduled to take 6 weeks. A diversion is in place via the step adjacent to the lift outside Pizzetta.

Still to come…

In the North…

  • The hand rails in Physics Garden will be installed the next few weeks which will allow the temporary (yellow) handrails to be removed.
  • The canopy will be installed around FASS, connecting Great Hall Courtyard to the rest of the Spine. Installation started over Easter vacation; however, the canopy itself has not yet been fitted.

And in the South…

Construction of the area to the front of Engineering, which is to be known as Engineering Square, has commenced. Heavy ground works and steel works will be undertaken in the area over the coming weeks to prepare for paving, and the installation of the new canopy. These works will mark the final phase of the project and are expected to complete by summer vacation this year.

Find your way...

We understand the difficulties a refurbishment project like this can present when finding your way around campus so we created the downloads below to help you navigate the works around campus:

Accessibility Overview Map

Summer Term Diversions Map

VI Descriptive Directions document.