1 June 2018
An increased Works Programme is underway over the Summer vacation period as project managers utilise the "University downtime" to revitalise campus.

Project Managers for the University schedule a vast amount of works each year during the Summer vacation period. These works include routine maintenance works and larger development works which may have been deemed too disruptive to students during term time. With the notable decrease in students on campus over the Summer vacation, works at this time are key in mitigating disruption throughout the year.

The works over Summer Vacation are extremely varied and affect different parts of the campus. To help with understanding the works, the table below shows some of the most impactful works from the Facilities Division between now and Michaelmas term:

Start Date Completion Date Project Location Summary of Work
26th March 3rd April George Fox Car Park Ground Surveyance George Fox Car Park Topographical survey, utilities and noise surveys in and around carpark area
Onsite May-18 Fylde 2 Fylde and S&T External Envelope Works to Fylde + roof repairs and accessibility works.
Onsite Jun-18 Ruskin Library Refurbishment Ruskin Library Internal refurbishment works to Ruskin Library
Jun-18 Jul-18 Forrest Hills Forrest Hills Car Park resurfacing works
18/06/2018 31/07/2018 Grad College External decorating grad College Decorating of balconies, fascia's, doors, windows and soffits
Jul-18 Aug-18 Slaidburn House Roof Repairs Slaidburn House Slaidburn House Roof Repairs
Jul-18 Aug-18 Library Fire Shutter (A floor) Library ground floor fire shutter replacement
Aug-18 Aug-18 Gates to waste compound Waste compound NE perimeter Replacement Gates
19.03.18 17.08.18 LEC Atrium Refurbishment LEC Atrium Refurbishment works to LEC Atrium. Artium is closed for the duration of works. Compound on Farrer Ave.
30.07.18 04.09.18 Spine Duct Gas-main Replacement South Spine replacement of gas main in South Spine - requires gas shut down
May-18 Sep-18 Chancellors Wharf Boiler Chancellors Wharf Replacement boiler works to Chancellors Wharf
Jun-18 Sep-18 College Summer Works All Colleges Refurbishment of College Social Spaces
Jun-18 Sep-18 Refurbishment of former Uni Travel Shop Former Uni Travel Shop Works to include in lighting, new flooring, new heating and new windows/doors
Jul - 18 Aug - 18 Routine Asbestos Removal North and South Spine Ducting (underground) Underground asbestos removal works as per the HSS and Lancaster University removal procedures.
Jun-18 Sep-18 New Cycle Shelters/hoops Across Campus Installation of new Cycle Shelters 4 nr and various cycle hoops
Jul-18 Sep-18 Resurfacing Works Campus-Wide campus-wide improvement to roads, paving and accessibility
Jul-18 Sep-18 Grad College refurb Grad College Houses 3 and 9 2018 refurbishment works
10-Jul-18 Sep-18 Pendle/Grizedale Pendle Grizedale 2018 Refurbishment Works
Aug-18 Sep-18 Preschool bathrooms Preschool bathrooms Replacement bathrooms
Aug-18 Sep-18 Jewish Society Kitchen Chaplaincy Replacement Kitchen
Aug-18 Sep-18 The Croft Internal and External Refurbishment Works The Croft Damp-proofing works to Dining Room and refurbishment of Reception Area.
Sep-18 Sep-18 Alex Square/Underpass Lighting Alex Sq/Underpass Lighting improvements
Jul-18 Sep-18 Chancellors Wharf Chancellor's Wharf 2018 refurbishment works
Jul-18 Sep-18 Science and Technology Refurbishment Science and Technology Building Works to refurbish part of the S&T building ready for students from Engineering to use
2016 Sep-18 The Spine Remodelling Project Spine Refurbishment of paving and canopy along the Spine.
Jul-18 Sep-18 Residencies Refurbishment Pendle/Grizedale, Graduate College 2018 refurbishment works
Jun-18 Dec-18 Sports Centre/ Human Performance Lab Sports centre Extension of Sports Centre to increase the capacity of the gym
Oct-18 Dec-18 LICA LICA Relocation of staff and PGR students to LICA building from County Main
Dec-17 Jul-19 Health Innovation Campus Off-site along A6 Development of New Health Innovation Campus located on A6 next to main campus.
May-18 Sep-20 Library Refurbishment Library Phase 3 Library Refurbishment
Feb-20 Oct-21 Engineering Phase 2 Engineering and Science and Technology Building New build to the West of Engineering and refurbishment works to the Science and technology building for decanting of Eng staff.
2017 2021 LUMS Space Programme LUMS Refurbishment to the Management School Building
Mar-18 ongoing Accessible Campus Project Campus-Wide

Improvement works across campus to exceed accessibility standards set out in BS

If you have any questions or queries in relation to these works, please contact the Facilities Helpdesk on 01524 593333 or email facilities.helpdesk@lancaster.ac.uk.

Something Missing?

If you think something is missing from the list above, please get in touch via the Facilities Helpdesk so we can update our communications. You can contact the Facilities Helpdesk during working hours on 01524 593333 or email facilities.helpdesk@lancaster.ac.uk