Architects impression of the Library extesnion

Library extension

An £11 million, four-storey extension will expand the amount of study space in the Library by an area equivalent to three and a half tennis courts per floor.

Under Construction

John Turner Construction Group Ltd have been appointed as the main contractor for the latest £11M investment from Lancaster University, a four-storey extension to the Library Building set to start on site in November. A construction programme has been developed by Turner’s in consultation with key stakeholders from Lancaster University. The project team are making every effort to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum.

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The Library sits at the heart of the campus, providing space and facilities to support the learning, teaching and research of students and staff of the University. As our campus population grows, it is important that our facilities grow too. The Library Extension Project will deliver a 3-floor extension to the south-west elevation of the Library, expanding the building capacity by an area equivalent to around three and a half tennis courts per floor. A fourth, independently accessed, lower-ground floor will provide for teaching and use by student societies.

Accessed from the existing Library, the three floors of the extension will have a range of different study spaces with informal study space on A floor, silent study spaces on B and C-floor and student bookable group study rooms on all floors. Collaborative research and project space will be introduced on A-floor together with an exhibition area, enhancing the existing facilities on offer. Breakout and wellbeing spaces with living walls will complement the existing Library tree, naturally filtering the air and creating zoned study areas. The glazed ‘window to the world’ will allow natural light into the building, reducing the use of artificial lighting. Wellbeing is a theme that runs throughout the design.

Working with staff and students in a variety of workshops, the design team have listened to ideas, understood people's needs and carefully planned design features to make sure that the building is not only fit for purpose today but future-proofed to deliver a sustainable building in the long-term.

Architects impression from Library Avenue

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Flexible Spaces

Getting the most out of any space in the Library is always our main aim. The extension is no exception - that's why we are including a wide range of flexible spaces, with different types of furniture and other features to suit. We want to offer a space for everyone, however you use the Library.

A window to the world

A popular concept from the very beginning – the exterior of the building is designed with a modular theme. Creating a simple and refined elevation that presents a calm and environmentally friendly façade.

Step inside the Lower-Ground Floor

Accessed independently to the Library, the Lower-Ground floor will feature a 100 seat Lecture Theatre as well as bookable space with 3 rooms to support a range of activities including Students' Union societies.


The Library provides a welcoming and accessible place for everyone. All our designs follow the University's new Minimum Design Specification Standard for Accessibility to ensure the building meets or exceeds current best practice. 

The steel frame of the building is being installed over the next 10 weeks. take a look at the installation plan to see how we are doing it.