Floor plan of A-Floor

Welcome to A-Floor

Welcome to A-Floor

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Relaxed study and breakout space

At the entrance to the extension on A floor there will be space for individual or group study with an adjacent area for taking a break and relaxing. A living wall will provide the backdrop to this area and zip taps will provide facilities for making hot and cold drinks.

Exhibition Space

Beyond the living wall a new exhibition area will provide space for exhibitions and events in the Library. This reconfigurable space will be used to showcase unique University and Library collections and to host the research and works created by students and staff from across the University.

Collaborative Research Space

Library resources support student and staff researchers. A dedicated collaborative research and digital scholarship space will be located on A floor, providing facilities for researchers from across the University to work together. 

Project Space

A project space will provide facilities for working with Library Special Collections and other creative activities.

Flexible space

The collaborative research and exhibitions spaces will be flexible with moveable walls that allow them to be reconfigured and used to support a wide range of different activities.