Floor plan of C-Floor

Welcone to C-Floor

Dedicated to serious study time, C-floor will primarily comprise of silent study space.

Welcome to C-Floor

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Take a look around C-Floor

Scan the QR code to experience the new space in Virtual Reality. Each floor has a code so take a look around and get to know your new Library.

Silent Study

C-floor will primarily comprise of silent study space. Plans are still in development but it is hoped that more than 150 spaces will be dedicated to silent study. A mix of furniture types will suit individual study needs and each space will benefit from its own power supply and hi-speed Wi-Fi coverage. 

Group Study Spaces

Eight bookable group study spaces of varying capacity will be installed. Designed to support collaborative working, with or without technology, the spaces will be acoustically designed to protect the surrounding areas from noise.


Wellbeing is a common theme throughout the project. On C-Floor this takes the form of a dedicated quiet relaxation area. The space will be furnished with comfy, single seater chairs looking out to the rest of campus. The space is designed to let students take the load off before getting back to their study.


A ramp will be installed on C-Floor to improve access from one side of the building to the other. These designs follow the University's new Minimum Design Specification Standard for Accessibility to ensure the building meets or exceeds current best practice.