Project Requests


Each year our Project Managers and Surveyors undertake hundreds of work requests, works planning and competitive procurement with external contractors. Many requests are also subject to statutory / regulatory approvals (planning, building regulations, asbestos etc.) and this alone can take 2-3 months, often more. Even seemingly very small works, such as electrical changes can have hidden issues or complications our team will need to deal with, such as fire safety.

To help us help you, it’s important that you get your Planon ‘Project Requests” to us as early as possible, along with confirmation of your faculty and budget approval (and code) as necessary.

Once we’ve received your project request, subject to the complexity of your project(s), we may need you to complete a more comprehensive Project Initiation Document (PID) which will allow us to fully understand your exact requirements in order to commence design and costing, and we can support you in completing this if required.

We will be working closely with Faculty Managers to help co-ordinate Project Requests going forward, and would ask that you keep your relevant manager informed of all requests you submit.

Thank you for your co-operation, if you have any queries about this process please email or contact us via the Facilities Helpdesk on ext. 93333.

How to submit a new project request

All requests for new work should be submitted to Facilities via Planon using the New Project Request link above.

The form is designed to capture sufficent basic information for an initial assessment to be made on the priority of the proposed work, the availability of funding, the expected size of the project and how best to allocate resources to the project.

Once the form has been completed with sufficient information please click on the 'Submit' button.

Authorisation Process

  1. Submited Project Requests are initially checked for sufficient / complete information. Should any information be found to be missing, the request will be returned to the originator. Please ensure a cost code is included, even if it is only for a quotation.
  2. Project Requests are date stamped once submitted to Planon.
  3. Automated emails will be issued to the originator on receipt of the Project Request.
  4. Project Requests are reviewed at weekly Facilities meeting.
  5. When authorised by Facilities, Project Requests are assigned to a Project Manager.
  6. Automated email confirmation of the Project Request authorisation and Project Manager assignment is issued to the originator.
  7. Further automated email updates will be sent to the originator throughout the lifecycle of the project.

The process of reviewing, authorising and assigning the submitted Project Request (Actions 3-6 above) may take upto 21 days.