5 September 2018
On Monday 17th September, the Pre-School Centre will be launching their new iConnect and ParentZone software to increase partnerships with parents.

This advanced software will allow Nursery Officers to take instant observations of the children on tablets, which parents can then easily access via a secure app on their phone. Development reports and tracking of the child’s individual progress will also be created and shared with parents.

The Parentzone app also allows parents to access a timeline of events, observations and assessments of their child, including images and videos, and encourages them to take observations themselves in order to share their child’s learning journey with the Pre-School Centre.

Adele Stewart, Pre-School Manager, said, “I am excited about the launch of our new products as are the team. It’s been a long journey, but I was committed to ensuring we located the best possible software that would benefit the team as well as providing our families with a user friendly, safe and accessible system.”

To find out more about iConnect and Parentzone please visit the Connect Childcare website.