21 June 2018
We are excited to announce that Lancaster University has been officially awarded the Carbon Trust Standard Certificate.

This award is a mark of excellence demonstrating that the University has taken real action on climate change, reducing its carbon emissions by an impressive 12.85 percent. When reviewed Lancaster University excelled in a variety of areas including demonstrating a policy containing clear low –carbon objectives, achieving a 90 percent score, and the ability to create challenging yet feasible short and long-term targets accomplishing an 80 percent score, 20 percent above the best organisation in the sector.

The award is a great recognition of the University’s achievements and commitment to reducing carbon emissions year on year and it shows that Lancaster University is taking action by reducing the carbon emissions that it is directly responsible for.

The Carbon Trust Standard requires us to keep reducing out carbon emissions and to recertify every two years. It means that we have to continue the great work and all keep reducing our impact on the environment.