3 May 2018
A variety of quiet spaces have been identified across Campus to provide students with additional areas to study.

Due to current construction works taking place across campus during the exam period, quiet study spaces have been identified. Students can revise for their exams in a variety of tranquil rooms tucked away throughout the University. These study spaces are perfect for finding extra room on days when the Library is full.

Quiet study rooms include:

  • Graduate College Computer labs and quiet study room (Postgraduate students only)
  • Cartmel Barker House Old Farm House, A and B floor study and PC's
  • Lonsdale Lab B02 ISS PC Lab
  • Furness A08 study room
  • Grizedale B03 quiet study
  • Fylde College A40 off campus

 Look out for posters and flyers around campus, or visit Facebook for more information.