4 February 2019
Surface repair works will improve accessibility between Fylde Quad and Fylde Accommodation as the first phase of Accessible Campus comes to an end.

Between Monday 11th and Tuesday 19th February, resurfacing works (as part of the Accessible Campus Project) will take place in two areas; Tower Avenue South and to the rear of Student Based Services.

In order to carry this work out safely, both areas will be closed and where necessary, diversions will be in place. Staff and students are advised to leave extra time to get to lectures in the southern parts of campus.

The Accessible Campus project was introduced in 2018 with the aim of improving accessibility across both internal and external areas of campus. Each year, the University invests in maintaining or exceeding current legislation to enhance the experience on campus for all staff and students.

Find out more about the Accessible Campus Project here. To contact someone from the Accessible Campus project team, please email accessiblecampus@lancaster.ac.uk