Spine Remodelling

The construction phase of the Spine Remodelling Project is coming to an end. The scope of the project spanned from the Great Hall down to the George Fox building.

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Aims of the Project

The Spine is a kilometre-long pathway that spans North to South through the centre of campus and over the years has become the 'highstreet' of campus. First constructed with the original campus in 1969, the Spine has evolved over the years and today, thousands of students, staff and visitors use the route to commute across campus. The Spine Remodelling Project aimed to rejuvenate the popular thoroughfare by introducing a number of open social spaces, wider pathways and staircases. Easing the flow of conjestion is just one benefits that the project has introduced, the open spaces provide a fitting backdrop to Graduation Ceremonies and not to mention, the route has been re-paved and a new canopy fitted to provide a weather protected route. The development project has also introduced a new lift around Furness building and improved accessibility throughout the route meaning the Spine is now wheelchair accessible.

The project started in 2016 and began with a series of consultation events across a wide variety of stakeholders. The 'Design the Spine campaign' was created to to consult with stakeholders across the University, to gather ideas and feedback which could be put to use during the design stage of the project. Stakeholders included staff and students at the University, including people with disabilities. The consultation stage was drawn out over a number of months to ensure the design team gathered a wealth of feedback and understood the requirements for what is arguably one of the most used ‘rooms’ on the Lancaster University campus; the thoroughfare know as the Spine.