Current Project Phases

Please find below details of the current phases of work.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact the facilities help desk via email: or by phone: 01524 593333.

Click to download: Accessibility Overview Map



North Spine

The North Spine has been dramatically reduced in width from the FASS building down to Physics Garden. An alternate route is in place via Bowland North and Bowland Main Quads to reduce footfall in along the Spine during these works.

South Spine

The South Spine is fully closed from Alexandra Square to the end of the ramp adjacent to the Library and outside the Deli. A diversion is in place via Edward Roberts Court, along the back of Furness and through Fylde Quad. The Deli is currently closed until mid-March.


Furness College Lift

  • Furness lift is now open and fully accessible.

North Spine – Great Hall Square

  • Work has completed in the Great Hall Square and the area is open however, finishing works are currently being undertaken in the area between now and the start of Summer Term.
  • The area features levelled pathways, new paving, new seating, a water feature, new bike store and planted areas.
  • The completion closely follows the opening of Physics Garden and indicates the progress the project is making overall.

North Spine – Great Hall Court

  • Work is complete in the Great Hall Court between Ash House, Bowland North and the Great Hall.
  • A canopy is being installed outside County Bar which will span the length of the building, continuing on to FASS and across to Bowland North to make a fully weather protected area. 
  • Access to the Peter Scott Gallery will also be maintained.

North Spine – Physics Garden

  • Work is now complete on Physics Garden. The area opened on the 26th June 2017 and features vibrant garden areas, seating throughout and a water feature. The area is the first fully opened area of the project to open.
  • The remodelled area spans from the Physics building over to the Faraday building.
  • A productive herb garden, improved pathways and a much lighter area has been created.
  • Access to Faraday lecture theatres, Santander, the Pharmacy, Subway and Blackwell’s is maintained on the narrowed Spine.
  • The main entrance to the Physics building is now open.
  • All diversion routes will be well signed. 

South Spine – Furness College Court & Library Square

  • Furness College Court is now open including access up the stairway along the South Spine outside Pizzetta Republic.
  • The remodelled area spans from the bottom of Furness staircase to just beyond Furness College main entrance.
  • A new lift has been installed, the staircase is being widened, large trees have been planted and pathways will be improved.
  • The Spine is completely closed from Alexandra Court to the bottom of the ramp adjacent to the Library, this area will be known as Library Square.
  • The Doors to Furness College Main Entrance will be intermittently closed on the Spine facing side of the building whilst Canopy works are carried out. 
  • The doors into Pizzetta Republic and Furness laundrette off the Spine are now accessible.                                                                                   
  • Furness lift is now open and fully accessible.