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Theme 2: Financialization of Competitiveness

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Financial markets are now key in framing the ways in which corporate competitiveness is understood and measured. This 'financialization of competitiveness' is, however, somewhat ambiguous, uncertain and contested. The privileged place of finance in setting the parameters for competitiveness would seem to be manifest in the drive to deliver shareholder value, and in corporate governance reforms that further institute the power of shareholders over managers and workers. Nonetheless, the extent to which shareholder value has become embedded and embodied in corporate practice and management is open to question. Corporate governance reform has also received support from pension funds, as processes of financialization feed concerns with ethical investment and shareholder activism that advance corporate social responsibility.

The Financialization of Competitiveness is the second in a series of seminars, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, entitled 'Changing Cultures of Competitiveness'

The programme for the day will begin at 11am. Keynote debates either side of lunch will be followed by breakout paper presentations from mid-afternoon. Confirmed keynote speakers include Rob Aitken (University of Alberta), Shaun French (University of Nottingham), Matthew Watson (University of Warwick), and Karel Williams (University of Manchester).

Full programme

Academics, postgraduates, and practitioners are invited to attend and participate in a seminar that will subject the financialization of competitiveness to critical scrutiny. Attendance at the seminar is free. Places are limited, however, so please contact to reserve your place as soon as possible. Travel grants are available for UK postgraduate participants and practitioners.

Date: 25th April 2008

Venue: Northumbria University, School of Arts and Social Sciences

Seminar Papers

'Financialization and competiveness', Julie Froud, Sukh Johl, Adam Leaver and Karel Williams, University of Manchester

'Socially Responsible Investing and/as Governmentality', Rob Aitken, Department of Political Science, University of Alberta

'Stakeholder activism and corporate accountability', David Sadler, Department of Geography, University of Liverpool

'Financializing Space, Spacing Financialization', Shaun French, Andrew Leyshon and Thomas Wainwright, School of Geography, University of Nottingham

'Financialization, loyalty and the rise of short-term shareholder value', Iain Hardie, Politics and International Relations, University of Edinburgh

'The political and organizational dynamics of private credit dreation: a meso and macro analysis of credit card asset-backed securities', Johnna Montgomerie, CRESC, University of Manchester

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