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WORKSHOP: 13-14 April 2012
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New interaction orders, new mobile publics?

Imagination Lab, LICA Building, Lancaster University, UK.

Central Park

Most of this is ostensibly utterly trivial but the sum is not trivial at all. (Jacobs 1961, The Life and Death of Great American Cities, p. 73)

This workshop explores the emergence of 'mobile publics', inspired by Goffman's studies of  public places as the performative locus of social orders and William Holly Whyte's investigations of the social life of small urban spaces. We bring theory and empirical research, everyday lived practice, design, policy and politics together through collaborative analysis  of multi-sited, mobile, ethnographic or otherwise qualitative studies of behaviour in today's public spaces.

Organisers: Chris Boyko, Monika Büscher, Tim Dant, Jill Ebrey, Pauline Feron, Karenza Moore, Jen Southern, Katherine Willis




This workshop is supported by:

  • The Centre for Mobilities Research and mobilities.lab.
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Lancaster University
  • The Bridge Project (, European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n°261817, Security Programme SEC-2010.4.2-1: Interoperability of data, systems, tools and equipment.
  • Citizens Transforming Society: Tools for Change (The CaTalyST project) - UK EPSR
  • Imagination Lancaster

The New Interaction Order

A study of behaviour in public places.

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Travel allowance

There is a small amount of financial support available for travel.

Please contact Pauline Feron for further information.

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