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Mobilities, Literature, Culture conference April 2017

Date: 21 April 2017

Find out more about Palgrave Studies in Mobilities Literature and Culture at http://www.springer.com/series/15385  



Inaugural Conference of Palgrave Studies in Mobilities, Literature, and Culture

21st " 22nd April 2017, Lancaster University, UK

Plenary speakers

Marian Aguiar (English, Carnegie Mellon University, USA)

Kat Jungnickel (Sociology, Goldsmiths, University of London)


Film screening and Q&A with Director Andrew Kötting


Roundtable on “New Directions in Mobilities Studies” featuring

Nick Dunn (Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University), Ruth Livesey (English, Royal Holloway, University of London), Pete Merriman (Geography, Aberystwyth University)


Call for papers:

This two-day conference provides a forum for scholars working at the intersection of literary and cultural studies and mobilities theories to explore the cultural representation of mobilities across geographical regions and historical periods. The conference offers a timely space in which to discuss the incisive new methodologies, frameworks, and theorizations that are shaping the dynamic and growing field of literary-mobility studies.

We invite papers both from scholars who draw upon cultural geography and/or sociology to gain new insights into literary and cultural texts, and from researchers who make use of literary and cultural texts in their theorizing of space and movement. The conference will encompass a wide range of movements from the global and transnational to the local and the everyday, including journeys by foot, bicycle, motorcar, rail, air, and sea, at local, regional, national and transnational levels. Textual materials of all kinds " film, photography, digital media, and the visual arts, as well as fiction, poetry, and other literary forms " and projects engaging with non-western literatures and cultures are welcome. Uniting this diverse temporal, spatial and textual field, the conference retains a core focus on the fluid, reciprocal and often innovative relationship between mobility and culture.

Suggested topics might include but are not limited to:


  • mobility and globalization;

  • mobilities of (post)colonialism;

  • transnationality;

  • technologies of mobility;

  • spaces and sites of mobility;

  • embodied mobilities;

  • mobile networks;

  • gender and sexuality;

  • race and mobility;

  • the classed politics of mobility;

  • modes of transport, especially cycling.

Conference organisers Marian Aguiar (Carnegie Mellon University), Bruce Bennett (Lancaster University), Charlotte Mathieson (University of Surrey) & Lynne Pearce (Lancaster University) invite abstracts of 350 words for 20-minute papers; please submit along with a short biographical note by 1st December 2016 to mobilitiesconf@gmail.com


Further information

Associated staff:

Associated departments and research centres: Centre for Mobilities Research (CeMoRe), Mobilities.Lab, Sociology

Keywords: Cultural Studies, Culture, English, English grammar, English language, Englishness, Mobilities


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