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Language Testing Update (LTU) was first published in 1985 and, until December 2004, was published twice a year by the Centre for Research in Language Education (CRILE), Department of Linguistics, Lancaster University, United Kingdom.

The aim of LTU was to keep language teachers, testers and researchers up to date with events in the field of language testing. It published short articles about language testing research, and also news about test organisations and recent and forthcoming conferences.

The first six issues of LTU were edited by J. Charles Alderson, Pauline Rea Dickins and Dianne Wall. Issues 7-31 were edited by Caroline Clapham and Dianne Wall. Issues 32-36 were edited by Jayanti Banerjee and Dianne Wall.

There were three special issues of LTU:

Language Testing Update Special Report 1: Alderson, J. C. (1987) Innovation in Language Testing: Can the Micro- computer Help?

Language Testing Update Special Report 2: Baker, R (1997) Classical test theory and item response theory in test analysis.

Language Testing Update Special Issue: Banerjee, J, Clapham, C, Clapham, P and Wall, D. (1999) ILTA Language Testing Bibliography 1990-1999.

LTU became the official newsletter of the International Language Testing Association (ILTA) in 1992.

The last issue of LTU (Issue 36) was published in Winter 2004.


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