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Email List

The following is a list of members of the language, gender and sexuality group

If you would like to join (or if you are already on the list and would like to change your details), please send an email to J.A.BAXTER@aston.ac.uk with the following details: your name, email, full (institutional) address, position (e.g. PhD student or lecturer) and research interests.

Ashraf Abdelhay, a.k.abdelhay@sms.ed.ac.uk
Manal Al Makoshi, m_makoshi@yahoo.com
Jo Angouri, West England, Jo.Angouri@uwe.ac.uk
Paul Baker, Lancaster, p.baker@lancaster.ac.uk
Judith Baxter, Aston, j.a.baxter@aston.ac.uk
Kate Beeching, UWE, kbeeching@mercury.uwe.ac.uk
Joe Bennett, Birmigham, joejoebennett@hotmail.co.uk
Noelle Brick, Kingston, n.brick@kingston.ac.uk
Gabriele Budach Southampton, g.budach@soton.ac.uk
Anne Bumstead McGee, abumsteadmcgee@hotmail.com
Carmen Caldas-Coulthard Birmingham, c.r.caldas-coulthard@bham.ac.uk
Deborah Cameron, Oxford, deborah.cameron@ell.ox.ac.uk
Elinettie Chabwera
Deborah Chirrey, Edge Hill, chirreyd@edgehill.ac.uk
Maeve Conrick, University College Cork, mconrick@french.ucc.ie
Sibonile Ellece, Botswana, elleces@mopipi.ub.bw
Ross Graham, Coventry, ross.graham@coventry.ac.uk
Veronika Koller, Lancaster, v.koller@lancaster.ac.uk
Mike Handford, Tokyo, mike@civil.t.u-tokyo
Kate Harrington, kgaharrington@btinternet.com
John Heywood, Lancaster, john.heywood2@btopenworld.com
Daniel Hunt, Nottingham, aexdjh1@nottingham.ac.uk
Lucy Jones, Hull, lucy.jones@hull.ac.uk
Surin Kaur, Aston, S.Kaur23@aston.ac.uk
Lia Litosseliti, City, l.litosseliti@city.ac.uk
Linda McLoughlin, Liverpool Hope
Liz Morrish, liz.morrish@ntu.ac.uk
Miriam Meyerhoff, Auckland, mhoff@ling.ed.ac.uk
Louise Mullany, Nottingham, louise.mullany@nottingham.ac.uk
Brona Murphy, Edinburgh, brona.murphy@ed.ac.uk
Marion Nao, mailto:marionnao@yahoo.co.uk
Pia Pichler, p.pichler@gold.ac.uk
Alma Rodriguez-Tsuda, Southampton, L.D.A.Rodriguez-Tsuda@soton.ac.uk
Ayako Tominari
Helen Sauntson, York St John University; h.sauntson@yorksj.ac.uk
Erik Schleef, Manchester, erik.schleef@manchester.ac.uk
Juliane Schwarz
Sylvia Shaw, University of Westminster, s.shaw@westminster.ac.uk
Elizabeth Stokoe, Loughborough, e.h.Stokoe@lboro.ac.uk
Jane Sunderland, Lancaster, j.sunderland@lancaster.ac.uk
Joan Swann, Open University, J.Swann@open.ac.uk
Keiko Tsuchiya, Tsuchiya.keiko@gmail.com
Kevin Watson, Lancaster, k.d.watson@lancaster.ac.uk
Sue Wharton, Warwick, s.m.wharton@warwick.ac.uk

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