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The BAAL Language, Gender and Sexuality Special Interest Group provides a forum for researchers to discuss and debate issues and promote development in this area. ‘Gender and language’ is a diverse and popular field of linguistic research and there is a clear need for such a UK-based forum.

The key aims of the group are:

  • To bring together UK-based researchers (and others from outside the UK) interested in the area of gender and language, outside a single institution
  • To identify, engage with and further key issues in gender and language study, including study of the relations between language, gender and sexual identity
  • To explore a range of past and current work with a view to contributing to prospective developments in the field, both in the UK and abroad
  • To promote gender and language study as a field which brings together a range of theoretical and methodological approaches in ways which are productive for applied linguistics as a whole
The group is interested in exploring gender and language issues from a range of theoretical, methodological and disciplinary perspectives. Current members are engaged in research within a number of different disciplinary areas, and it is hoped that this will produce interesting and fruitful discussion, professional and intellectual development, and will result in successful and stimulating seminars, conference presentations and joint publications.

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