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Link: Corpus-based Language Studies: An advanced resource book

Link: Aspect in Mandarin Chinese: A corpus-based study

Link: A Frequency Dictionary of Mandarin Chinese: Core vocabulary for learners

Link: Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies

Link: Corpus-Based Contrastive Studies of English and Chinese

Link: Translation and Contrastive Linguistic Studies at the Interface of English and Chinese

Link: Corpus-based Studies of Translational Chinese in English-Chinese Translation

Link: UCCTS1 conference

Link: UCCTS2 conference

Link: ICLC7/UCCTS3 joint conference

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Link: Corpus4u Community

Corpora available online:

The EMILLE Corpus

The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese

The ZJU Corpus of Translational Chinese

The Corpus of Translational English

The UCLA Written Chinese Corpus

The Babel English-Chinese Parallel Corpus

The Peking University 863 Chinese-English Parallel Corpus

The Lancaster Los Angeles Spoken Chinese Corpus

The PFR People's Daily Corpus

The PH Corpus of Chinese 

The PDC2000 Corpus

Academia Sinica Balanced Corpus of Modern Chinese (External link)

The Modern Chinese Language Corpus (developed the National Language Committee of China)

Peking University Chinese Corpus (External link, web interface in Chinese)

Peking University Babel Chinese-English Parallel Corpus (External link, web interface in Chinese)

Xiamen University corpora (External link, web interface in Chinese)

Beijing Language and Culture University corpus (External link, web interface in Chinese)

National Taiwan Normal University corpora (External links, interface 1, interface 2, interface 3)

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