The PKU 863 Chinese-English Parallel Corpus


The PKU Chinese-English Parallel Corpus is developed on the 863 Project by the Institute of Computational Linguistics of Peking University. The corpus consists of over 200,000 aligned sentence pairs taken from quality bilingual texts (3,066,435 English words and 2,874,462 Chinese words), covering a range of genres and domains including, for example, government white papers, official documents, news texts, essays, speech scripts, literary texts, academic prose, as well as literature of politics, law, tourism, food industry, economics and business. The majority of the texts are taken from established bilingual websites while some are digitalised using OCR scanning.


The PKU 863 corpus is now transferred into Unicode and tagged with part-of-speech information on the project Contrasting English and Chinese (ESRC Award Reference RES-000-23-0553), using CLAWS for English (C7 tagset) and ICTCLAS for Chinese. It can be accessed via the online parallel concordancer [Sorry! Service is no longer available]. A trial version of the software package is also available here [Sorry! Service is no longer available], which will show you the initial 100 concordances, though the total number of hits is given in the report at the bottom of the result page.