List of codes

Code                    Gloss                                                                       Attribute                Value

LCMC                 The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese              ver                           character; pinyin

header                  Corpus header, a brief description of the corpus

text                       Text category                                                            TYPE                      As per List of text categories

                                                                                                              ID                           As per List of text categories

file                        File identifier                                                               ID                           Text ID plus file number (e.g. A01, G77)

p                          Paragraph marker

s                          Sentence marker                                                          n                              Starting from 0001 onwards for each file

w                         Word                                                                          POS                         As per Tagset

c                          Punctuation or symbol                                                  POS                         As per Tagset

gap                      Elements omitted in transcriptions