The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese

End User License


This License Agreement is made between the user of the Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese (hereafter referred to as LCMC or the Corpus) as contained on this CD as the Licensee, and the Linguistics Department Lancaster University as the Licenser,

WHEREAS the Licenser has obtained permission from a number of text providers (hereinafter termed the Text Providers) to include a sample of their texts in the Corpus, such texts or the categories thereof being listed in the bibliographic section of the Manual accompanying the Corpus, and

WHEREAS the Licensee is the end user in the manner detailed herein of the texts and/or the categories thereof listed in the said bibliography, which end user may be made up of academic researchers or researchers in commercial institutions, NOW IT IS HEREBY MUTUALLY AGREED AS FOLLOWS:

1 Definitions

(a) The "LCMC Texts" is a collection of written texts held on computer and selected for use in language based research and development (hereinafter termed the LCMC Texts).

(b) The "LCMC Processed Material" is the LCMC Texts assembled into consistent electronic format and enhanced with syntactic annotations by the Licenser (hereinafter termed the LCMC Processed Material).

(c) "The Licensee's Results" are the results of work performed by the Licensee on the LCMC Processed Material in the course of research.

2 Terms of the License Granted to the Licensee

(a)   The Licenser hereby grants according to the terms and conditions set out herein and in consideration of the payments specified herein a non-exclusive, nontransferable License to the Licensee to use the LCMC Processed Material for the purposes of linguistic research and/or the development of language products.

(b)   Distribution of the LCMC Processed Material is restricted to the Licensee or in the event of the Licensee being an organization, to the Licensee's research group. This group is defined as consisting only of those Licensee's employees whom the Licensee authorizes to perform the work using the LCMC Processed Material for the purposes described in 2a

(c)    (c) Members of the said research group must not, except as herein provided, copy, publish or otherwise give to any third party access to the whole or any part of the LCMC Processed Material. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to ensure that the members of the said research group understand and abide by this restriction, and to supervise their activities with respect to the LCMC Processed Material. Neither the Licensee nor members of the Licensee's said research group may assign, transfer, lease, sell, rent, charge or otherwise encumber the LCMC Processed Material.

(d)   The LCMC Processed Material may be installed at the place or places of work of the said research group. The place of work is defined as the computing systems that the members of a research group normally use to conduct their research activities. It can include both work and home computers, and is not restricted to a particular machine or building.

(e)    Copies of the LCMC Processed Material may be made for backup purposes, or for the purposes of making data available to members of the research group but the Licensee shall ensure that the Licenser's copyright notice is reproduced on all copies or parts thereof of the LCMC Processed Material. Any such copies will be deemed to be part of the LCMC Processed Material.

(f)     There is no restriction on the use of the Licensee's Results except that the Licensee may not publish in print or electronic form or exploit commercially in any form whatsoever any extracts from the LCMC Processed Material other than those permitted under the fair dealings provision of copyright law.

(g)    The Licenser does not grant to the Licensee any rights whatsoever to reproduce the LCMC Texts or use all or any part of the LCMC Texts in commercial products or services in any way other than would be permitted under the fair dealings provision of copyright law.

3 Payment

The LCMC Corpus is distributed free of charge for use in non-profit-making research.

4 Requirement to Exercise Professional Care

The Licensee and all members of its research group shall at all times exercise professional care and judgment to avoid violation of this Agreement and shall inter alia:

(a) maintain an up-to-date written record of all copies of the LCMC Processed Material distributed and/or created under this Agreement, and of their location, and upon request and without delay produce such record to the Licenser,

(b) regularly check on the status and use of the LCMC Processed Material,

(c) make use of file protection and other data security measures to prevent insofar as possible all and any unauthorized access,

(d) without prejudice to the foregoing take all such other steps necessary to protect the intellectual property rights of the Licenser and/or the Text Providers, and

(e) generally maintain ongoing interest and involvement in the use and distribution of the LCMC Processed Material as provided for herein.

If the research project becomes inactive (for example, if a researcher changes employment or takes a sabbatical leave), the Licensee must ensure that the LCMC Processed Material is erased from active computer files, or otherwise to protect it until such time as the project becomes active again.

5 Limitation of Liability

(a) The Licenser gives no warranties and makes no representation that the LCMC Processed Material will be suitable for any particular purpose, or for use under any specific conditions, notwithstanding that such purpose or conditions may have been notified to or to otherwise be known to the Licenser.

(b) The Licenser accepts no responsibility for any technical limitations of the LCMC Processed Material.

(c) The Licenser does not warrant that the operation of any software supplied with the LCMC Processed Material will be uninterrupted or free from errors.

(d) In no circumstances will the Licenser be under any liability to the Licensee for loss of profits, goodwill or any kind of consequential losses of any nature even if such loss was foreseeable.

(e) The Licenser shall accept no liability whatsoever in connection with any damage to the tangible property of the Licensee resulting from the negligence of the Licenser, its employees, agents or sub-contractors.

6 Rights reserved

All rights in the LCMC Processed Material, including copyright, which are not granted to the Licensee in this Agreement, are retained by the Text Providers.

7 Termination

(a) The Licenser may terminate the License forthwith if the Licensee commits any material breach of this Agreement.

(b) This License shall automatically terminate if and when a supervisor, receiver, administrative receiver or other encumbrancer takes possession of, or is appointed over the whole or any substantial part of, the Licensee's assets; or if and when the Licensee enters into any arrangement with or for the benefit of its creditors (including any voluntary arrangement under the Insolvency Act, 1986).

On termination howsoever caused the Licensee shall erase all copies of the LCMC Processed Material. A duly authorized officer of the Licensee shall verify in writing to the Licenser that the Licensee has complied with this obligation.

8 Jurisdiction

These terms will be governed by English law and English courts will have sole jurisdiction.

9 Headings

Headings to the Clauses hereof are for guidance only and are not to be taken into account in the construction of this Agreement.