The LCMC tagset

a          adjective
ad        adjective as adverbial
ag        adjective morpheme
an        adjective with nominal function
b          non-predicate adjective
bg        non-predicate adjective morpheme
c           conjunction
cg         conjunction morpheme
d           adverb
dg         adverb morpheme
e           interjection
ew        sentential punctuation
f            directional locality
fg          locality morpheme
g           morpheme
h           prefix
i            idiom
j            abbreviation
k           suffix
l            fixed expressions
m         numeral
mg       numeric morpheme
n           common noun
ng         noun morpheme
nr          personal name
ns         place name
nt          organization name
nx         nominal character string
nz         other proper noun
o           onomatopoeia
p           preposition
pg         preposition morpheme
q           classifier
qg         classifier morpheme
r            pronoun
rg          pronoun morpheme
s           space word
t            time word
tg          time word morpheme
u           auxiliary
v           verb
vd         verb as adverbial
vg         verb morpheme
vn         verb with nominal function
w          symbol and non-sentential punctuation
x           unclassified items
y           modal particle 
yg         modal particle morpheme
z           descriptive
zg         descriptive morpheme