Articles collected from the World of English:

The Future of Africa 非洲的未来

My Only True Love 我唯一的真爱

A Handful of Dates 一把椰枣

How to Be True to Yourself Follow these sure steps to self-respect 怎样做个表里如一的人

For Whom the Bell Tolls 丧钟为谁而鸣

Short Memories 短小的回忆

To Lie or Not to Lie 实情与谎言--医生的困惑

Chemist Leo Baekeland 化学家利奥贝克兰

The Super Rides of California's Great Theme Parks 加州游乐园里着惊奇

Advice Column Letters Number Millions 回信数百万,源自忠告栏

The Origin of Life and Future of Humans 生命起源及人的未来


The 'Superstar' Nutrient 营养素中的"超级明星"

Education May Protect against Effects of Shrinking Brain 接受教育能保护智力免受大脑萎缩的影响

The Information Gap 信息鸿沟

Hey, This Is Fun, I Think 其乐无穷

Reliability of Eyewitness Evidence Never Absolute 目击者的证据并非绝对可靠

Me & Mr. Indiana Jones 我和印第安纳琼斯先生

The Great Venetian Painter Canaletto 威尼斯的伟大画家卡纳莱托

The Greatest Arts of the Past 1000 Years 千年杰作

Welcome to Our Bank 开门揖盗实为监守自盗

Two Loaves of Bread 两条面包

There Is Humanity behind All the Hype of the First-Born 千禧儿所有宣传的背后存在人道

My Wonderful Lousy Poem 我那首美妙而糟糕的小诗

Taste the Wind and savor the sweetness of spring 风中感悟体味寒风 然后知春日的甜美

Sincerely, John Kennedy 两封感谢信

Application and Perseverance Give Results 勤奋有恒结硕果

The Transaction 写作体会

Korea's Structural Change Spurs Recovery 韩国产业结构转变刺激经济复苏

New Chinese Company Venture at Panama Canal 中国公司在巴拿马运河的新的商业风险

Schools Take Steps to Counter Youth Obesity 美国学校采取措施对付青少年肥胖症

Paradox of Our Times 我们这个时代的尴尬

World Population Heading for 10 Billion This Century 本世纪世界人口向100亿进军

War-Zone Journalism A "One-Way Ticket To Hell" 战区新闻报道工作--通向地狱的单程车票

What Killed Eugene O'Neill? Autopsy Results Show Playwright Suffered from Rare Disease 是什么杀害了尤金奥尼尔?尸检结果表明这位剧作家患的是罕见病

Helping Aeroflot at London Airport 在伦敦机场为一家俄罗斯航空公司工作

The Networked Economy Explodes 网络经济爆炸

Why Cloning of Humans Must Forever Be Seen as Unethical 为什么人的克隆必须永远被看作是不道德的

Stormy Weather 太空风暴

Sciatica Patients May Not Benefit from Bed Rest 卧床休息也许无助于坐骨神经痛

Walk It Off 散步减肥

Chinese Americans 美籍华人

The World's Oldest Ice 世界上最古老的冰

The Road to Sainthood in the Catholic Church 通往天主教圣徒之道

Henri Le Fauconnier (1881- 1946): Little Schoolgirl ,1907  亨利福科尼耶( 18811946):《小女学生》(1907年)

His First Poem 他的第一首诗

Christmas Lost and Found 失而复得的圣诞节

Little Drowned Rat 小溺水鼠

Change Your Bad Habits to Good 改掉怀毛病 养成好习惯

Secret of the Christmas Box 圣诞纸箱里的秘密

Lynx to the Past 重返家园

Respect for the Dead 对死者的尊重

How to Be Generous 论慷慨

Vive la Difference in the Hotel Rooms 宾馆房间里的差别万岁

Jail Meditation as Road to Remorse, Rehabilitation 狱中沉思冥想乃通向悔过自新之路

Killers Walked Free, Thieves Grew Rich Eighteenth Century Style: Organized Crime 凶手逍遥法外,窃贼腰缠万贯 18世纪的世风:有组织的犯罪

Future Vision 1: A Vision of the Future 未来构想1:对未来的一番憧憬

Safe Sex for Your Computer 计算机的安全防护措施

Greeting the E-Way: Millions Find Cards for All Occasions Online 致意电子公路:百万人在线寻找适宜的贺卡

Diplomatic Relations 外交联系

Worldwide Surfing Watch Kicks Off 世界范围的网上冲浪调查开始启动

Xeno's Paradox 异种移植正反论

The IQ Meritocracy 根据智商培养精英

The American Way: Marriage 美国人的婚姻方式

Kids Say the Darndest Things 奇妙童言

Computer Is Now Part of the US Soldiers Uniform 计算机现已是美军士兵制式服装的一部分

Murder and Mayhem in the Comfort of Home 在舒适的家中体验谋杀和故意伤害

Coming Home 《图兰多》回家

The Three Tenors Appeal to Millions 三大男高音,百万歌剧迷

Rodin: The Kiss and The Thinker 罗丹:《吻》和《思想者》

One Man's Rough Road to Salvation 历经曲折,改恶从善

The Aral Sea Saving the Last Drop 拯救濒临干涸的咸海

The Brewer's Son How a highly successful entrepreneur found his destiny 酿酒人的儿子 一位极有成就的企业家是如何发现他的命运的

My Irreplaceable Treasure 人生珍品

Julian's Last Hope 朱利安最后的愿望

The Day the World Ended 世界末日

A Sacrifice beyond Compare 无与伦比的牺牲

My Father's Shadow 父亲的影子

Child Psychologist Jean Piaget 儿童心理学家让皮雅杰

Investing in Vices 道德与投资

UK Joins Fight for IT Workers 英国加入信息技术人才的争夺战

The New Generation in Japan 日本的新一代

If You're Short, Don't Forget Tom Cruise 如果你个子矮,想一想汤姆克鲁斯

A Damaged Man Has the Last Word on Diana Profile Trevor Rees-Jones 受伤保缥对戴安娜作结语 小记特雷弗里斯-琼斯

The Cellphone Revolution Has Barely Begun 便携式电话革命刚刚开始

Apple Mac Coloured Computers Are on a Roll 麦金托什彩色苹果机好运接连不断

Every Breath You Take 注意你的每次呼吸

Stay Away from birth, Guru Tells Dads-to-be 权威着诉准父亲们,无须一旁伺产

Organ Swaps a Pig in a Poke 异种器官移植探索

Roberto Benigni, Italy's Charlie Chaplin 罗伯托贝尼尼:意大利的查理卓别林

Star Wars Returns to the Screens 星球大成重返银幕

My Greatest Olympic Prize 我最珍贵的奥林匹克奖

Words of Wisdom for the Modern Age 现代智语

Panic on the Highway 山路历险记

I Met a Bushman 我碰到一个布须曼人

Laughing All the Way to Burbank 今夜有好戏

Make Requests Instead of Issuing Orders 要提请求,别发命令

Always Here 心心相印

Dad's Loving Act Took Cold Courage 爸爸不畏严寒献爱心

When Two Hands Meet 握手

The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson 傻瓜威尔逊

To Upstate School children, He Is the Birdman; to 1, 700 Birds, He Is a Hero 对于北方学重 他是护乌人;对于1700只鸟,他是英雄

A Street Walker Tells Her Own Story 一个街头妓女的自述

The State Dept. Lands in the Laptop of Danger 美国国务院的手提电脑丢了

The Art of Smart Guessing 巧妙猜测的艺术

Turning 'Spies' into 'Assistants' "网谍""助手"

One Number Gets It All -- Phone, Fax or Voice Mail 一个号码全搞定--电话、传真或语音邮件

Its Not All in the Genes' 基因并非包含一切

Sydney Opera House 悉尼歌剧院

Ahead of His Time 超前的头颅移植术

Home Health Tests Become Popular in America 家庭健康测试正在美国普及

Diamonds in the Ring 拳击场上的钻石

Voice Mail 语音邮件

Peter Howson: A Night That Never Ends, 1995 彼得.豪森:《没有尽头的夜晚》(1995)

Titanic Star Leonardo DiCaprio Takes on a Demanding Double Role 泰坦尼克明是莱昂纳多迪卡普里奥饰演高难度的双重角色

Articles collected from Time:

Old Brains, New Tricks 旧脑子,新游戏

Doing It Nature's Way 以自然界的方法应对

E.T., You May Be Home Already 外星人,你可能已经到家了

Adventures in Antigravity 反引力的探秘历程

Hacking the Cell's Circuitry 破译细胞电路图

Innovators of the past 过去的革新者

Hotel Rooms That Let You Get the Job Done 饭店的工作房间


Singapore ? The United Nations of Food 新加坡──美食联合国

Employee Surf Time Is Increasing 雇员上网时间在增加

Robotics: Fast Breeder 机器人技术:快速繁殖的一代

Site Seeing 网站欣赏

Ready-to-Wear 可穿戴电脑

To Find That Phrase 引语查找记

Buying a Digital Camera 数码相机购买指南

Friendly Advice 忠告

Top 10 Digital Workplaces 最受欢迎的10个数字化工作场所

The Missing Link 缺少的环节

Beenz Counters 虚拟货币

Just The Right Shades 色彩对路

How Green Was My SUV 环保谁当先?

Connecting Flights 航空业涌动合并潮

Comprehensive Care 综合护理

The Pressure 's On 压力升高

Good News 好消息

Hawaii's Man Of Steel 夏威夷的吉他大师

Willy Won't He? 威利能否在海洋中生存?

Adieu and Farewell? 永别了,协和飞机?

Twice As Nice 再婚同样精彩

What You Need Is More Vacation! 你们需要更多假期!

Night, Night! It's Bedtime for Business Class 公务舱有床了!


Longer, Farther, Harder 更长、更远、更难

Will My PC Be Smarter Than I Am? 我的电脑是否将比我还聪明?

Will Everything Be Digital? 所有东西都将数字化?

What Will Replace The Internet? 什麽将替代互联网??

What Will We Drive? 我们将驾驶什麽样的车??

Attack of the Rebel Browsers 非主流浏览器的威胁

A Hitch in Time 搭便车旅行的大好时就要到来了

Leaving the Nest 小鸟,飞吧!

Wages of Success 成功的代

Tearjerkers To Go 让人流泪的电影

Joshing Online 网上玩笑

A Legend in Its Own Time? 传奇航空的传奇故事

Will We Still Drive Our Cars ( Or Will Our Cars Drive Us ) ? 我们将驾驶自己的车,还是我们的车将驾驶我们?

Unraveling Alzheimer 's 揭开阿耳茨海默氏病之谜

Heart Throbs 心跳

Battle Deluxe 奢华之争

Run, Chicken Run! 跑,小鸡快跑!

Wheelie Good Fun 其乐无穷踏板车

Goof-off Guide 消磨时间指南


Shaq Opens Up 揭开大鲨鱼的面纱

On Golden Ponds 赛艇夺金大热门

One for the Team 一个人的队伍

Anger Unleashed 恶狗撒野

Poor Communication 耳听为虚

Albert Einstein(1879-1955) 阿尔伯特爱因斯坦(1879-1955

Where Asia Goes for Glitz 繁华之旅

Do-It-Yourself 泰国铁路的豪华自助游


online recruitment 在线招聘

site seeing 网站欣赏

Swedes Lead 瑞典超越美国

What's next 下一步做什么

Spilling Oil into Troubled Waters 海溢油

It's Party Time! 尽情地欢乐吧!

Living Digital 数字化生活

Fast And Fabulous 快速而精彩

China's Legend In The Making 发展中的中国联想

Blue Sky Still Out There 美好的设想有待实现

Weaving the Wireless Web 编织无线网络

China's Online Future 中国的未来网络

Blazing Refrigerators 冰箱热销

Swimming with the Big Fish 不畏强手

Room With A Spectacular View: 纽约市重建海登天文馆

Life's Twisted Plotline: 交织缠绕的生命线索:

Holiday Headache 周末的烦心事

Cordless Capers 无线欢呼

PCs? Forget'Em! 个人电脑?把它们忘掉吧!

A Profitable Prescription 有利可图的处方药

The Origins of Disease 疾病根源

Senior Moments 衰老的时刻

Good News 好消息

A Laptop for Every Kid 让每个孩子都拥有一台膝上电脑

Blue Collar No More 恤衫不再是蓝领阶层的专利

Dark Side of the Dream 梦魇

Plenty Piano 钢琴大师作品集

Tips On Tipping 给小费的窍门

Go Wild in the Heart of Borneo 在婆罗洲中心地带尽情游玩

HOT TIP 热点指南

Escape Reality with Extreme Adventures 利用极度冒险来逃避现实


What 's next 下一步做什么


Site Seeing 站点欣赏

Old Media , New Buzz 传统媒体,新话题

Rage for the Machine 机械之恋

The Ten Smartest Machines 10种最聪明的机器

Liquid Gold 澳大利亚葡萄酒誉满天下

An Eye on the Future 放眼未来

From your mouse to your house 从点击鼠标到商品到家

Land of the Fat 肥胖者的世界

Get Thin Quick-An Update 快速减肥──最新报道


Pain Can Be Tamed 疼痛可以被制服

The Spread of HIV...And Will We Ever Cure AIDS? HIV的传播......我们能治愈爱滋病吗?

Good News 好消息

Putting on the Dogme 电影摄制的新规则

Heartsick 令人沮丧的电影

Catching The Wind 乘风破浪

Divided We Stand 分手,我们才能成功

We Hope He has a Mighty Fiennes Time 我们祝愿他旅途愉快

Where did they find the time? 他们在哪儿找到时间?

Virtually Exciting 实激动人心

Getting Ready for the Super-Jumbo Era 准备进入超大型客机时代




Innovations 技术革新

What's next 下一步做什麽

Blair Witch Craft 布莱尔女巫的魔法

The future of the phone 未来的电话

Get 致富网

Just Browsing 看看而已

Tailor-made 量体购衣

Great News, No More Jobs for Life 重大消息,终生职位不再拥有

Rent-a-Jet Cachet 租用喷气式飞机──尊贵的象征

New Hope on Alzheimer's 早老性痴呆症患者的新希望

A Dinosaur with Altitude 高度惊人的恐龙

The Nose Knows Left from Right 鼻子知道左右区分

Cancer Made to Order 使癌变得有序可循

Free Woolly Out of the Cold 解救冰冻的毛象

Can we make GARBAGE Disappear? 我们能让垃圾消声匿迹吗?

What New Things Are Going to Kill Me? 我将毁于何物之手?

Can we forgot about Alzheimer's? 我们能把早老性痴呆病置之脑后吗?

Do the Shoes Fit? 你的运动鞋合适吗?

Will We Ever Cure... 我们能否治愈......

Good News 好消息

Funky Couture 稀奇古怪的时装设计

All Dressed Up to Go, Go, Go 蓄势待发

First Among Equals 音乐与责任

Of God and Doofus Teens 论上帝与边缘少年

Stir of Echoes directed by David Koepp 《回声荡漾》导演:戴维凯普

It's Stockholm Calling. Oslo Too 来自斯德哥尔摩和奥斯陆的电话

Suddenly Steffi 斯黛菲突然出现

Two for the Ages 两种年龄的人

Can He Have Sleepovers? 他能在别人的房子里过夜吗?

Got Any Tips? 想得到一些建议?

When Beautiful People Break Up 当俊男美女分手的时候

Can Sky Diving be Far Off? 高空跳伞还会远吗??

Epicurean Adventure in Arty Chiang Mai 清迈享乐游


Sonic Bloom 音速之花


A BRAVE NEW WEB 美好的新网络世界

All-in-One Gizmo? 多功能小玩意

Cool Runnings 很酷的速度

SQUINT NO MORE Onscreen text gets focused 无须眯眼电子版图书清晰易读

Women Entrepreneurs Doing It for Themselves 女企业家自己做老板

The Man with the Money 财神爷

I Saw You on Craig's List 我在克雷格的名单上见到你的名

Brand New Goods 为新产品打上标记

Reading the Mind of the Market 市场猜心术

The Fly with 100 Eyes 长着100只眼睛的飞虫

Bones from the Dawn of Dinosaurs 早期恐龙的骨头

Wait Till Next Time 等待下一次

An Ill Tide Up North 侵入北方的灾难

How Hot Will It Get? 究竟要热到什么程度?

Elixirs for Your Memory 提高记忆力的灵丹妙药

Vaccine Jitters 对注射疫苗的恐惧

When Will We Cure Cancer? 我们何时能治愈癌症

A Man and His Colorist 男人和他的染发师

Dreams of the Master 大师的梦想

The Boss is Back 老板回来了

Hugh 's New Bid To Be a Hit Man 休的新愿望:做一名职业杀手

Gentlemen, Please Reboot Your Engines 先生,请重新启动你的发动机


Start School With a Click 点一下鼠标开学

Kids Say: Chill ! 来自孩子们的呼声:放松,放松!

In Brief 简短故事

Antipodean Delights Suit All 老少咸宜的新西兰旅游景点



2000 THINGS TO DO 两千件要做的事情

Streetwise Gorillas 懂得求生的大猩猩

Rain, Rain, Go Away... 雨啊雨啊快停下......

Fishy Business 人造鱼



A Fuel's Paradise 理想燃料

A New Magic Kingdom 神奇的新王国

Go Forth and Advertise 到免费主页做广告

He's the Master of His Domain Name 他是域名的主人

Sole of a New Machine 新机器鞋底



Lost and Found in Orbit 失而复得的太阳观测卫星

Sony's New Kneetop Computer May Boost Business 索尼公司的新型超薄电脑有望激活生意

How Not to Empty a Vault 不要把金库搬光

Success From Failure 失败是成功之母

Stretch Like Michael Jordan 跟迈克尔一样锻炼

Sunny-Side Up 凡事看积极的一面

Foods That Fight Cancer 抗癌食品

Good News 好消息

Mad About Hats 迷恋帽子

New Kneetop PCs 新型膝上电脑

A High-Tech Wonder That Helps You Wander 高科技产品助人走路

Eating Smart 吃得聪明

Want to Break 100? 想活过100岁吗?

Companion Animals 陪伴动物

And Baby Makes Three 一家三口