Practices, Materiality and Product Design

An interdisciplinary workshop held at Durham University, 5-6th July 2006.

The last workshop in the Designing and Consuming series took place in the leafy surroundings of Hatfield College, in the historic heart of Durham. The event attracted 29 social scientists, design scholars and practicing designers, to critically engage with ideas of user-centred design and to consider the validity and value of a 'practice-oriented' approach to product design.

Discussion was fuelled by a limited number of short presentations on creative approaches to product design, and also by critical and constructive engagement with the Manifesto of Practice Oriented Product Design, which was 'launched' (and then ripped apart) at the event.

The event flier, the POPD Manifesto, participant biographies and a 'gallery' of images can be accessed from the links below.

pre-event flier

Manifesto of Practice Oriented Product Design

biographies of participants

go Charlie Hill presentation
go Matt Watson presentation