Consumption, Everyday Life and Sustainability. Funded by the ESF TERM programme




Contents of the Reader for the Summer School of 1999

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Elizabeth Shove and Dale Southerton


Introducing Consumption, Everyday Life and Sustainability


Theme 1 - The Dynamics of Consumption

Gert Spaargaren


The Ecological Modernisation of Domestic Consumption


Michael Jacobs


The Quality of Life

Don Slater



Themes from the Sociology of Consumption



Theme 2 - Cross-Cultural Meanings and Practices

Elizabeth Shove and Alan Warde


Noticing inconspicuous consumption



Harold Wilhite and Loren Lutzenhiser


Social Loading and Sustainable Consumption



Guliz Ger, Hal Wilhite, Bente Halkier, Jeppe Laessoe, Mirjam Godskesen, Inge Ropke


Symbolic Meanings of High and Low Impact Consumption in Different Cultures


Theme 3 - Configuring Demand

Mika Pantzar


Do Commodities Reproduce themselves through human beings? Man vs. nature vs. technology: problems and new conceptualisations


Jaap Jelsma


Philosophy Meets Design, or how the masses are missed (and revealed again) in environmental policy and ecodesign


Mika Pantzar, Elizabeth Shove, Dale Southerton & Pol Strandbakken.



Configuring domestic technologies: the normalisation of freezers in Finland, Norway and the UK



Theme 4 - Consumption, Sustainability and Time

Alan Warde, Elizabeth Shove & Dale Southerton

Convenience, schedules and sustainability


Theo Beckers

The expropriation of time: the end of Fordist work and leisure



Theme 5 - Systems of Provision and Sustainability

Pirkko Kasanen, Anne Malin, 

Karl Steininger & Franz Prettenthaler


Environmental innovation in consumption and the development of a sustainable infrastructure


Heather Chappells & Elizabeth Shove


Bins and the history of waste relations


Bas van Vliet and Heather Chappells


The Co-provision of Utility Services: Resources, New Technologies & Consumers