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 Ling 131: Language & Style

Topic 2 (session B) - Being creative with words and phrases > Tool summary

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Session Overview
Uncovering your intuitions about phrases
Playing with phrases
Phrases in the structure of sentences
Being creative with noun phrases: Edwin Morgan
Topic 2 tool summary
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Topic 2 'Tool' Summary

In this topic we have learned how to work out which of the four major word classes a word belongs to and how greater proportions of one word class or another can lead to different sorts of styles.

We have also noticed some of the ways in which words can shift from one word class to another, how new words can be invented, using word class shifts and other mechanisms and how word class changes and other neologisms can be used to create special meanings and effects in texts.

We have also learned how the four major word classes provide the basis for four of the five major kinds of phrase in English. How words and phrases fit into the hierarchy of grammar and how noun phrases can be used inventively to create special poetic effects.

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