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Who Language and Style is for & how it came into being
Copyright Declaration

Copyright Declaration

This website, and the materials therein, are copyrighted to Lancaster University, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Every effort has been made to comply with UK and other relevant copyright laws in compiling the material on this website. Where copyright material has been used, wherever possible we have reproduced only short extracts, within limits which we are advised are assumed conventionally to acceptable as fair dealing. In addition, Lancaster University has consulted its solicitors on our behalf and we have been advised that as we are providing this web course free of charge to all, and as we comment on the texts in extensive detail, the use of the texts on this course is covered by ‘the fair dealing exception for the purposes of criticism and review’. We attach a copy of the advice we have received for information: Solicitor's Advice (MSWORD)

This web course is a non-profit making enterprise with educational aims, and we have no intention to damage sales of any works. Indeed, we wish to encourage such sales through helping those who use this course to appreciate literary works and so want to buy more of them. To that end, when we have used particular texts we have provided full details of relevant works and links to publishers' websites, wherever possible.

However, copyright law is far from clear. Consequently, any copyright owner who considers that we may not have dealt fairly with their work is invited to bring this to our attention by email to or by contacting us at the following address:

Department of Linguistics and English Language,
Bowland College, Lancaster University,
Lancaster, LA1 4YT, United Kingdom

You can also fax us on (+44) 01524 843085
or telephone Professor Short direct (+44) 01524 593035).


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