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Analysing a whole poem
Stylistic analysis - an example of text
Doing a stylistic analysis - general instruction
What is self assessment?
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Round-up and self-assessment - Poetry

This "topic" is to help you be able to write a good stylistic analysis of a poem, and so assumes that you have completed at least topics 1-5 of this web-based course (though you should note that topic 6 also includes some work on poetry).

  • Analysing a whole poem is an exercise which takes you, step by step, through a poem by Roger McGough. You could then use this work to "write up" a stylistic analysis of the poem on your own, if you wished.

  • Stylistic analysis - an example text is an example of stylistic analysis by an ex-student of the course who is now a postgraduate researcher in stylistics.

  • General instructions gives you some general advice on how to go about doing a stylistic analysis from scratch

  • Self-assessment enables you to practise the analysis of a poem by George Herbert and compare your analysis with that of students who did the course in the academic year 2000-2001. Looking at your analysis, a section at a time, you can estimate what mark you would have got for your work and then compare it with excerpts from real essays which actually got that mark, as well as essays which got higher or lower marks. So, besides giving you practice before you do your coursework assessment, the self-assessment facility should also help you to become more accurately self-critical, and so be a better judge of your own efforts.

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