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 Ling 131: Language & Style

Topic 2 (session A) - Being creative with words and phrases > Session overview

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Session Overview
(Semi) Automatic poetry
Introducing word classes
More on word classes
Manipulating word classes
Changing word class - affixation
Changing word class - functional conversion
New words for old
Word class problems
Word class checklist
Useful Links
Grammar Website

What will we learn in this topic?


This topic introduces you to words (session A) and phrases (session B) in English, the basic building blocks of English grammar, and how writers can manipulate these language levels in order to create special meanings and effects.

If you follow the ordering on the session menus, in each session you will first do some work to uncover some of your intuitions about words or phrases and then we will explore the word or phrase level in more detail. After that, we will move on to discuss examples and texts where writers manipulate the level concerned, either by using some kind of word or phrase more often than we would normally expect or by deviating from our normal expectations in some other way.

Session A

This session looks at how words are associated with one or more grammatical word classes and, in particular, how special effects can be created by changing a word from one word class to another. We will see this at work in poetry and we will then look at how new words can be created for special effects.

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