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 Ling 131: Language & Style

Topic 5 (session A) - Sound > Session overview

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Session Overview
Sounds and meanings
Alliteration and assonance
Alliteration and assonance revisited
Sound symbolism
Meeting at night
Phonetics checksheet
Sound symbolism checksheet
Topic 5 'Tool' summary
Useful Links

What will we learn in this topic?


In this topic we will explore how sound patterns contribute to the meaning and effects of poems. We will look at alliteration, assonance and rhyme, and also how particular sounds and groups of sounds 'mimic' phenomena in the world to create effects like onomatopoeia. But to be able to do this we will first need to be clear about the relationship between spelling and sounds in English. So we will look at this before exploring examples of sound patterns in poetry.


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In order to view some of the pages in this topic you will need to have installed the appropriate phonetic font ( Arial Unicode MS or Doulos SIL) installed on your computer. Arial Unicode MS should allready be installed if you have Microsoft Office. The Doulos SIL font is freely available to download: Download Doulos SIL





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