Welcome to the Moving Manchester Writers Gallery. The Gallery was devised by Graham Mort and designed by Kate Horsley. It was conceived as a series of original creative works by writers from, or associated with Manchester, accompanied by profiles and the reflections of their authors on the genesis of the writing in relation to the city and their experiences there.

The Gallery also contains the Moving Manchester commission – a £1,000 award for a new work in writing relating to Manchester as a multiculturally imagined city. The commission was won by poet John Siddique for his sequence of poems ‘From a Seed to a Flower: five poems from real lives.’ The poems were based on interviews with migrants in and around Piccadilly and are accompanied by his own photographic images of his subjects.

The collaborative poem ‘Moving Manchester’ was devised by students from Manchester college under the guidance of Graham Mort and Muli Amaye and represents an interpretation of the city from a new generation of writers.

The Image Galleries hold an archive of photographs taken by Graham Mort during the lifetime of the Moving Manchester project.

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