Richard Wilson (1713?-1782). Landscape painter. Born in Wales at Pinegas in Montgomeryshire. Son of a clergyman. With Gainsborough, probably the first artist to break from the topographical approach to landscape. In London by 1737. Placed with Thomas Wright, a portrait painter. Began practice as a portrait painter. Visited Venice in 1750. Met and exchanged paintings with Zuccarelli (1702-1788). Learned much of the skill he introduced into English landscape painting during his stay in Rome 1752-1756, where he absorbed the classical approach of Claude and Gaspard Poussin and made the decision to concentrate on landscape. Returned to England around 1757 and continued to produce Italian landscapes. His views of England and Wales have an Italian or classical feel. Founder member of the Royal Academy in 1768 and later succeeded Francis Hayman (1708-1797) as Librarian. Died near Llanberis, in Denbighshire in May 1782 (see Ruskin and Wilson).