Denmark Hill

In October 1842, the Ruskin family moved three-quarters of a mile from Herne Hill to No 163 Denmark Hill. John James Ruskin purchased a 36-year lease. The house was large and stood on a plot with seven acres of land, the family employing seven staff by1843. This was really Ruskin 's home, (with a few absences), from 1843 to 1872 (see Dearden, John Ruskin's Camberwell, pp. 15-20). Ruskin completed the writing of the first volume of Modern Painters at Denmark Hill which was published in the first week of May 1843 ( Works, 3.xxxi). In fact, majority of his major books, even those completed during his marriage were written in his study at Denmark Hill. Ruskin finally left the family home in March 1872 the year following the death of his mother, Margaret Ruskin: On 28 March he wrote: 'I write my morning date for the last time in my old study' ( Works, 22.xxv). The next day at Oxford for his professorship he noted: '29 March 1872. Good Friday. In my college rooms, having finally left my old home' ( Works, 22.xxv). In 1871 before the death of his mother, he had purchased a small cottage in the Lake District by Coniston Water from the engraver and writer W. J. Linton (1812-1897) and on 13 September 1872 he moved into Brantwood.