Critical attack on Turner

In 1836 a caustic review of Turner 's paintings by the Rev. John Eagles, was published by Blackwood's Magazine, October 1836 which had prompted a reply from Ruskin not published in his lifetime (See Works, 3.635). Turner continued to be the target for Eagles's hostility in Blackwood's reviews of the annual Royal Academy exhibitions. Ruskin later referred to the critical attack on Turner in 1842 as the starting point for Modern Painters. While some critics admired Turner's paintings of Venice - the Dogana, and Campo Santo - his other three paintings: Snow Storm, Peace, Burial at Sea, and War, The Exile and the Rock Limpet were attacked by the Literary Gazette, 14 May 1842, the Athenaeum, 14 May 1842, and Blackwood's Magazine, July 1842.