Student Profiles

Meet some of our students.


Katerina PanagakiKaterina Panagaki

PhD in Mental Health

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I moved to Lancaster for my PhD and for the past 15 years this is the longest I’ve stayed in one place! I've always been passionate about mental health issues and I look forward to see what the future will bring.

Where did you undertake your undergraduate degree?

Oh gosh! It’s been a long time since then…I did my undergrad in Heidelberg, Germany and it was on Social Anthropology and Philosophy.

What do you like to do outside of undertaking the course?

I used to be an athlete in horse-riding and have more hobbies before my workaholism took over. However I still enjoy travelling, especially by car, and consuming artistic outputs.

Why did you choose to come to Lancaster?

It was fate that chose not me.

Can you tell us what is the best part of being here in Lancaster?

City? Proximity to Scotland?

Campus? Isn’t illegal to respond to this question anything else besides the ducks?

The Course? It’s about mental health, my favourite topic!

How will this programme help you in the future?

I expect that not just the PhD as such, but this academic experience in its entirety will lead to personal exploration and professional development.

Jack Higgins

PhD in Health Economics

I studied for my Economics BSc here at Lancaster, graduating in 2012. Since then I have completed my MSc Economics (Economics of Health) at Manchester University, and was awarded a two-year NIHR Research Methods Fellowship which I carried out at the Manchester Centre for Health Economics. I decided to undertake a PhD here at Lancaster because I knew what to expect in terms of academic rigour, and that it would get the best out of me. The close links between the Health Economics At Lancaster group and the Department of Economics were also a major draw. Having a supervisor based in each department is a major advantage that is not common amongst other universities.

Outside of academia I enjoy cycling, coffee, playing the guitar, coffee, playing golf and lacrosse, coffee, and drinking/making coffee.

Aside from the good coffee, the best part of being here in Lancaster is the fact that I can get to the coast in 10 minutes, The Lakes in 30mins, Manchester in an hour and to Edinburgh or London in 2½ hours. Not many (no?) places in the UK can offer that!

This PhD is providing me with the essential training required to pursue an academic career in Health Economics. Aside from the training and skills I’ll pick up, having exposure to experts in the field of health research – both in Health Economics and, crucially, other specialties within Health Research – makes for great experience going forward.

Claire HiltonClaire Hilton

PhD in Mental Health

I completed a BSc (Hons) in Psychology here at Lancaster University, and I’ve stayed on to do my postgraduate qualifications.  I chose to come to Lancaster because it has a good reputation and has a strong research focus. 

In my spare time I enjoy walking in the lake district and composing digital music.  The best part of Lancaster city is a really great art and music community and some beautiful historic buildings.

 I like the fact that the campus is self-contained and everything is in easy walking distance.  It also has a friendly community atmosphere.  I love all the green space around the campus too. Being part of a highly rated health research division. 

I’m hoping this course will help me to secure a job in academia either as a post doctorate researcher, or lecturer. 

I currently sit on the DHR Education Committee, so I represent all the postgraduate students within DHR on matters relating to teaching and education.