Whyndyke Garden Village

A local partnership won a bid to develop one of ten national NHS England ‘Healthy New Towns’ in March 2016. A local planned residential development of 1400 houses on the outskirts of Blackpool (90% in Fylde district) is to be designed to encourage healthy living and innovation. This is a long-term 15-20 year development. Lancaster University is a strategic partner in this exciting initiative. The linkage between the Healthy New Town and the Health Innovation Campus is being explored.

Phase 1 of this project to set a clear vision and plan for the development. A board and steering group are meeting regularly and various engagement workshops have taken place. These have brought together a wide group of stakeholders to develop the vision and further scope ideas for the five work streams including:

  1. Developing the model of healthcare provision including links with implementation of New Models of Care for the local Fylde Coast Vanguard
  2. Pushing the telehealth agenda including links to the Test Bed, Lancaster University Health Innovation Campus and future proofing homes for digital health
  3. Developing ‘healthy’ community facilities including a healthy free school, incorporating co-location with other services and healthcare provision
  4. Encouraging physical activity including infrastructure to reduce reliance on cars, footpaths, cycle paths, use of green spaces and sports facilities for all
  5. Dementia-friendly home and community drawing on cutting-edge technology and design. This includes development of lifetime homes.

Task and Finish Groups or other workshops are meeting to develop a master plan by the end of the year. Consideration is also being given to evaluating the initiative with support from Lancaster University.