Professor Lobban is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology and Associate Director of the Spectrum Centre. Her research lies in identifying how service users and relatives understand and cope with mental health problems and the impact this has on their emotional and behavioural responses.
  • Bipolar © David Castillo Dominici |

    Bipolar Disorder – we need a more balanced perspective

    Imagine you’re at University and you have your first manic episode. You think you are just partying too hard but things get out of control - you can’t sleep and your thoughts are racing. You are admitted to hospital and told you have Bipolar Disorder.

  • Family care

    Support relatives and save England’s mental health services from crisis

    One way to reduce the crisis in mental health wards would be to improve working partnerships with relatives. This would reduce the need for people to be admitted, which often occurs when relatives can no longer cope, or close relationships have broken down and there is no longer family support available.