This theme is addressed by all Divisions within the Faculty, covering the full spectrum of cancer research from the molecular events that underpin its development to the management of care of those with life-limiting illnesses.

This interdisciplinary approach enables more comprehensive insights, so we can offer more effective interventions to improve the ageing process.

Our biomedical work improves understanding of the cellular and molecular biology of cancer

This includes:

  • cancer models
  • cellular effects of exposure to carcinogens
  • genomic stability and DNA repair
  • cell cycle control
  • molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis

Palliative and end of life care for those with cancer

  • understanding the needs of people with cancer
  • understanding the needs of those caring for them in both formal (e.g. paid staff) and informal (e.g. family members) capacities

Care for people living with/surviving cancer

  • psychological mechanisms around survivorship
  • risk factors and behavioural decision-making

Environmental/spatial epidemiology of cancer

  • geographical impact on cancer incidence and survival