Translational Research

The Faculty's focus on translational research allows our work to inform and improve treatment, disease management and other aspects of healthcare.

Our translational programme draws upon several well-established workstreams within the divisions of Biomedical & Life Sciences and Health Research, and involves partnerships with colleagues in other faculties and in other organisations, particularly the NHS and industry.

The Faculty has led the establishment and development of the Hub, a formal strategic partnership between Lancaster University and six NHS Trusts across Lancashire and Cumbria. This drives locally-led, NHS / University collaborative research by facilitating scientific collaboration and partnerships. It also delivers a framework for joint research governance, linking the University, the NHS and the NIHR CRN as appropriate.

We will build upon the foundations laid over the past few years to increase the amount, scope and impact of our translational research activity.  We will also increase the range of our external partners, both in the UK and abroad.

At the same time we recognise the need to continue to build our capability and infrastructure for translational research. As part of this, we will:

  • deliver NIHR IAT programmes for academic clinical fellowships and clinical lectureships.
  • achieve success in obtaining NIHR senior investigator awards.
  • develop a strategy with partners for bidding for major NIHR infrastructure funding, for example, a Biomedical Research Centre.
  • work with our NHS partners to establish joint appointments for senior clinical academics to lead collaborative research programmes.

We will also build upon our growing record of success in working with industry, particularly SMEs, to enhance opportunities for partnership working around translational R&D.