Practical Research Ethics

The aim of this workshop is to enable postgraduate research students to gain skills in practical research ethics when applying for ethics review for their research fieldwork.

This workshop is part of the Faculty of Health and Medicine Postgraduate Training Programme offering a range of lively, interactive workshops to provide opportunities for research skills training. The  short interactive skills based session is delivered by FHM staff with experience as members of the FHM Research Ethics Committee. The session will complement the Researcher Development Framework (Vitae, 2010).

The workshop, based on a well-established existing postgraduate research ethics module, will enable students to develop their 'ethical mindset' when designing fieldwork including understanding concepts of research ethics governance, identifying key ethical issues relevant to their specific research area and considering effective ways to address ethics at each stage of the research.  All participants will have instruction in where to locate and how to complete the full ethics application relevant to their research. 

Outline content

  • Basic concepts of research ethics governance
  • Developing an 'ethical mindset' appropriate for your research field
  • Identifying key ethical issues and requirements in your research
  • Locating and working with the relevant ethics review application forms
  • Writing supporting documents
  • Ethical data management from collection and analysis to storage and deletion
  • Ethics in dissemination

Delivery Mode

Participants attend two half day face-to-face interactive workshops set one week apart to allow the completion of an individual practical task.

This workshop is open to research students from all faculties with a particular relevance for those undertaking research in health or medical settings.

Further information and sign up

For information on dates and to book your place, please email Dawn McCracken at