Research Degrees

The Faculty welcomes applications from anyone seeking to study for MPhil or PhD research degrees in any of our research areas.

Study for a traditional PhD (by research and thesis) or MPhil qualification requires the production of a written thesis describing an original piece of scientific research. To achieve PhD standard, the work must represent an original contribution to knowledge and the completed thesis must contain material of a standard appropriate for scholarly publication. For MPhil, the thesis must demonstrate evidence of originality, at least in the exercise of an independent critical faculty, and shall achieve a high standard of competence in argument and presentation.

MPhil/PhD in Biomedical and Life Sciences

This degree provides an opportunity for students wishing to undertake original laboratory based research focused on understanding human disease at a fundamental molecular and cellular level. Research topics are offered in cancer biology, neurodegenerative disease, microbiology and cell biology/biochemistry.

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PhD in Health Research

We offer supervision of research students in many areas of health-related social science, including for example: sociology of health and illness; health inequalities; geography of health; science, technology and medicine studies; health citizenship and partnerships; learning disabilities; mental health; end of life care issues; disability studies; and gender and health.

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PhD in Medicine

Applications are welcome from those seeking to perform research in such areas as: medical education; epidemiology; reproductive immunology; social studies of science and technology in clinical practice; qualitative methods in health research; parasitology; and cellular responses to DNA damage.

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PhD in Statistics and Epidemiology

CHICAS conducts research on the development of novel statistical and epidemiological methods and their applications. The methodological strengths of staff are in spatial statistics and longitudinal data analysis. Applications are welcome from those seeking to perform research in methodological development, substantive application, or a blend of the two.

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Blended Learning

Several of our other PhDs are offered via blended learning through intensive annual academies in Lancaster, independent e-learning, regular tutor/supervisor support, coursework and completion of a thesis.