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CESAGen Theme: Genomics and the Transformation of Knowledge Production

For most of the 20th century, the gene occupied a privileged position in Western culture, culminating in the Human Genome Project (HGP). Completed at the beginning of the 21st century, the legacy of the HGP is more than maps and sequences. It is credited with leaving an imprint on the goals, methods and organisation of biological and biomedical research. Referred to as the ‘omic’ revolution, the objective of this 21st century research trajectory is to compile complete data sets for numerous biomolecules, and then to model biological systems in silico by linking various omic databases together. Moreover, omics and the new systems biology are presented as constituting a paradigm shift from the genetic reductionism of the past. A new term – ‘post-genomics’ – has been coined to describe biological research after the completion of the HGP. But what is post-genomics? Does the term imply that the genome and the gene have been transcended? And if so, what has, or might, take their place? In other words, how are the fields of biology and biomedicine and their knowledges and social relations being constituted beyond the HGP? And what might be the role(s) of science and technology studies in these scientific-social worlds?

This project is an exploration of the transformation of knowledge production beyond the HGP through the study of the emergent field of ‘proteomics’. Proteomics is a key example of the new omics. Its object of analysis is the proteome, an entity which is typically defined as the protein equivalent of the genome, but in practice the proteome has multiple definitions and proteomics has contested boundaries.

Our overarching aim is to explore whether, and in what sense, proteomics is, or is part of, a paradigm shift in the production of knowledge in the biosciences. Through a study of proteomics, our project aims to provide insights into the trajectory of knowledge production in the biosciences, and to reflect upon how this relates to research and knowledge production in the field of science and technology studies (STS).

This is a CESAGen Flagship Project. The current work programme is due for completion in September 2006. The position paper for the project is Glasner 2002 ‘Beyond the Human Genome’

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