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Categories in LOB/FLOB/Brown/Frown


First, a brief explanation of the categories in these four comparable corpora.

The four corpora are all patterned after the Brown Corpus (the first of the four to be compiled). Between them, they cover every combination of two periods in time and two regional varieties of English:

How LOB/FLOB/Brown/Frown relate to one another

The corpora are similarly structured in terms of the texts they contain:

The structure of LOB/FLOB/Brown/Frown

Each corpus contains 1 million words, with approximately 2000 words in each of 500 texts.

Similar categories are used in the Australian Corpus of English (ACE), and the Wellington Corpus of English (WCE). See the manuals on \\bowland-files\back\corpus\icame collection for more information.