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Anne Cambon-Thomsen

Anne Cambon-Thomsen is MD, with a masters in Human biology and a degree in Health Ethics. Director of Research in CNRS she presently leads a multidisciplinary team on « Genomics, Health, Society", involving also human and social sciences in the context of research in epidemiology and public health. This team is part of an Inserm unit - U 558- entitled: "Epidemiology and analyses in Public Health: risks, chronic diseases and handicaps" at the Faculty of Medicine of Toulouse. The very original multidisciplinary team involves 14 persons (from University Professor to PhD student) with a variety of competencies in genetics, statistics, medicine, pharmacy, sociology, law, ethics, economy of health, communication and a large network of collaborations.

Her topics of research encompass human immunogenetics, transplantation, genetic epidemiology of autoimmune diseases, population genetics and ethics in genetics. She directed several research units (INSERM and CNRS) in those fields [1985 - 1997] and has a record of 140 publications and 90 chapters or reports. She presently co-ordinates a multidisciplinary EU FP5 project dealing with various aspects of donor registries for Hematopoïetic stem cell transplantation (MADO : ending in 2005 and will lead from mid- 2005 a new complementary project in the Public Health EU programme; she is also involved in the ELSI part of an Integrated project ( N° 512090 ) on Induction of tolerance in transplantation (RISET), that involves clinical trial in several EU countries. She has been member of the CCNE (National Ethics Advisory Committee in France ) from 2002 to 2004 and has been member of other ethics committees in research and hospital. She is member of the Advisory Committee for the Priority 1 (Genomics and Biotechnology for Health) of the 6 th EU R & D framework and of the Advisory scientific board of genome Quebec. She has been involved in ethical evaluation of 5FP EU projects and was a member of an international jury for a centre « Society and Genomics » in Netherlands in 2003. She has been rapporteur of an expert group at EU level that produced in 2004 a report and recommendations on Ethical, legal and social aspects of genetic testing ( This Committee has involved a variety of actors among them 5 industrials an dis an interesting experience of a group involving a variety of stakeholders, as is the Brussels Conference that followed this report.

Cambon-Thomsen also leads the "Genetics and Society" branch of Toulouse -Midi-Pyrénées Genopole where she is responsible for the « Genetic and Society Platform » located in the Federative Research Institute « Science, Society » (IFR 126). This platform is led by a Committee of recognised scientists in genomics who are also involved and willing to bring stimulation in the Science and Society dialogue. They organize or participate as partners in numerous actions at the level of public debate, conferences, involvement of scientists in the public debate about ethical issues, intervention in schools etc. This platform works in close collaboration with the «  Mission des agrobiosciences » (JC Flamant) for issues related to agro-research especially.

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