The Dutch CEFR Grid Reading / Listening

Using the Grid - a brief guide

A Reading or Listening test is made up of one or more Tasks. Each Task is made up of one or more input Texts and one or more test Items. Thus Text(s) plus Item(s) constitute a Task. A test may include several tasks, but each task should be analysed separately. Therefore, when analysing tests according to the GRID, you need to analyse separately

  • each text on which any one task is based,
  • each individual item constituting the task,
  • and the CEFR level of the task itself.

Each test has a Summary Page which indicates how many Tasks there are, for each Task how many Texts it contains, and how many Items there are per Task.

Once you are fully familiarised with the GRID, we strongly recommend that this GRID be completed by analysts working in a team, discussing their analysis as they proceed, and amending it in the light of discussions and the ongoing process. It may be more practical for each individual analyst first to do their own analysis of the test(s) in question, but thereafter research has shown that it is essential that the team of analysts

  • meet face to face,
  • examine and discuss their individual analyses,
  • resolve disagreements through discussion (for which adequate time needs to be ensured - at least half an hour per task, depending how many items and texts there are per task),
  • and then enter into the GRID their agreed analyses.

To help you understand this process, we have developed

  • a Sample Grid which you can explore to see how individual test tasks, texts and items have been analysed (also accessible using the buttons on the right).


  • a Training Module which enables you first to analyse one or more test tasks (with associated texts(s) and items) on your own, and then to compare your analysis with that of experts who are fully familiar with the CEFR and with this GRID (also accessible using the buttons on the right).


Disclaimer: Neither the Dutch CEFR Construct Project Group nor Lancaster University accept any responsibility for the functioning of this Grid and specifically for the security of any data that is input into the Grid. Therefore it is highly recommended that users should print out copies of the Summary Pages for reference and as back-up, in case failures of the system should occur and data is lost.

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Examples and training

Click the button below to examine a pre-analysed test designed to show you how the system works

Click the button below to start a training module. This is a Grid which allows you to analyse a test and then compare your analysis with one made by experts.


Test analysis

Use the menu below to analyse a test which has already been set up in the system (password protected: You will need to have been given an ID and password by the test administrator).


In the admin area you can view tests that you have set up, add new analysts, modify details such as passwords, and enter new tests for analysis.