Welcome Week

Get in Touch

Make sure you add yourself to our Facebook Fylde Freshers Group AND like our Fylde Facebook Page which will keep you informed for everything going on in Fylde’s Freshers!

If you have any questions or queries regarding Welcome Week, please do not hesitate to contact Adam, the College Manager (fylde@lancaster.ac.uk) or 01524 592686.

If your question relates to your on-campus accommodation, please contact Denise, the Accommodation Manager (fyldeaccommodation@lancaster.ac.uk) or 01524 592683

Arrivals Day

We are looking forward to welcoming you on Saturday 28th September when our accommodation will be ready for you.

You can collect your keys from 10am at Fylde Common Room.  From there you will be helped by our Fylde Reps to your rooms.

Freshers Packs

You will be able to purchase freshers packs from Fylde Common Room on arrivals day.  This pack will contain everything you need for freshers week socials including wrist band, t-shirts and a few other surprises.

College Photo

Our Fylde tradition is to take a photo of you all on arrivals day. This will take place on the Bonington Steps at 4.30pm.

College Welcome Talk

At 5.00pm your Reps will guide you across to the George Fox building where you will learn about the college, the staff and be given some important messages for the week. This will be followed by a supper in our Fylde Common Room at 6.00pm. After this you are free to join in the fun. But don’t overdo it..there is a full programme of events including essential administration that you must attend to from Monday.

Remember to download the iLancaster app to your device:

The iLancaster app will give you full details of events across campus for Welcome Week, it is also an essential piece of kit for everything from bus times to laundrette details to the Library and of course,  your course details. Make sure you download it to your device.

Hints and Tips for Welcome Week

Welcome week can be a anxious and stressful time for many people, see our helpful hints and tips on how to get the most out of it.

Before you arrive

Make sure you have everything you need. This means the basics like bedding, kitchen equipment, clothes etc. Here is a good website that explains what you might need: What to Take to University

Get your bank account sorted, you will need one. Also make sure you have some money to last you until your student loan comes through.


Arrivals day is extremely busy, hard work for all involved, but a lot of fun too.

Make sure you arrive with plenty of time, you don’t want to be rushing to get to things.

Know what is going on during the week see the welcome week schedule.

If you are unsure of anything, ask! There will be loads of people around to help, including freshers reps, the JCR Exec, College Staff, there are no stupid questions!

Getting Involved

It can be very daunting, arriving and not knowing anyone, but remember, everyone is in the same position as you and there are so many opportunities to meet loads of new people. Get involved, take advantage of the events being laid on for you during freshers week, there is something for everyone and are a great way to make friends.

Look after yourself

With everything going on, try make sure you also take time to look after yourself, and don’t feel you have to do everything. Try to eat healthily and get plenty of sleep when you can, Welcome Week can be exhausting

If you drink alcohol, don’t drink too much, know your limits and stick to them, there are also alternative non-alcoholic events most evenings.

Freshers Flu

Yes, it does exist, and it can be rather unpleasant. If you’re lucky, you might not get it, or succumb to it in week 3. While not very nice, unlike man flu, it isn’t fatal, but it’s always worth coming prepared. Over the counter cold and flu remedies such as Lemsip or Beechams (other brands are available) are useful to have so you can make the most of welcome week even if you are feeling a little under the weather. A basic first aid kit with plasters etc is also a useful thing to have in case of minor accidents.  If you find yourself really unwell, contact the porters or make an appointment with the on-campus GP surgery.

Know where you need to be.

Despite what you may think, Welcome Week isn’t just one long party, you actually have to do some important things too. Registration, for example, is on Sunday 29th September from 11am – 1pm, you also have things like Major and Part 1 talks and departmental orientations. You will also have a full day with your major department on Tuesday 1st October where you will get to know all about your department and get a chance to meet your course-mates.  It is important you attend these events, so plan your days and know where you need to be and when. Make sure you check the Welcome Week schedule, and also if you haven’t already, download the iLancaster App which will tell you about all the wider university events going on.

Know where to get help

The first few days and weeks at university can be very unsettling.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Here at Fylde, we pride ourselves on being one big happy family, no this isn’t a cliche, the staff really do care, and are always on hand to help you.

On arrivals day, there will be lots of reps around to help you with everything from finding your way around campus to unpacking.  Also, keep an eye out for our College Advice Team (CAT) or College Manager who will be more than happy to help.

After arrivals day, Adam, the College Manager can be found in the college office (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday), next to the common room or give him a call on 01524 592686.  He is a great first point of contact for any problem, and if he can’t help, he’s almost guaranteed to know someone who can!

Out of office hours, we have a first-class team of porters who are on duty 24/7.  They can be found in the porters lodge (next to the bar) or telephoned on 01524 593401.  They are experienced in dealing with everything from lost property to medical emergencies.

Most importantly, ENJOY YOURSELF

Principal’s Welcome

A very warm welcome to Fylde College. We are looking forward to you joining the Fylde family in October at the start of your University career at Lancaster. Fylde was established in 1969 and is located centrally on main campus so that nowhere is far away. We have welcomed students from all around the world since that time and we are proud of the diversity of cultural experience that this brings to the college. 

Our Colleges at Lancaster provide a sense of community and belonging where we aim to nurture a spirit of getting involved in all aspects of student life. You will find many opportunities within the college whether it is taking part in sport, intercollegiate competitions, volunteering or becoming part of our management team. We will encourage you to embrace these experiences, your academic timetable permitting, of course!

When you arrive you will start to make friendships that may well endure for the rest of your life, you will share experiences and the ups and downs of University life.

Friendliness, approachability and support is what Fylde is all about and so you will always be welcome to come to the College Offices, the JCR Office or the Porter’s Lodge for a chat. No problem is too small and our staff team of College Advisors provide a confidential means of helping you if you feel that you need any specific assistance.

I wish you success and fulfilment in your degree course and a wonderful time with Fylde College.

With best wishes,

Jean Bennett, Fylde Principal

JCR President’s Welcome

Hello and welcome to Fylde College! You will soon be a member of Fylde College Junior Common Room and we hope that you thoroughly enjoy your time here.

I am the President of the JCR Exec Committee where it is part of my role to help ensure that you have the best time whilst here at university. Fylde is a place for absolutely everyone whether you are academic, sporty, artsy, an international or a Lancashire local. I hope you enjoy your time in Fylde as much as I have. But just remember you’ve got to make the most of it, it goes so quickly and you don’t want to be looking back full of regrets! Get involved!!

We are looking forward to meeting you at the end of September

See you out there!

Cerys Pumphrey, JCR President