Fylde Scholarships

Fylde has an annual scholarship fund of £1500 which is available to encourage participation at events and activities which are seen to enhance a student’s employability.

Examples of what would qualify for our scholarship fund:

  • Conferences, seminars or workshops
  • Dissertation projects where costs exceed those normally expected
  • Volunteering activities
  • Summer internships
  • LUSU Involve trips

If you think you might have a suitable project or idea for the scholarship then please apply. If you are not sure then you are welcome to come to the College Office and ask Sue for advice. (But it’s always worth an ask!)


How to apply

Completed application forms should be submitted to the College Administrator before the appropriate deadlines.

Scholarship APPLICATION FORM 201819


The allocations are considered at two points in the year:

End of Michaelmas Term (deadline for applications is Monday 10/12/18)

Mid-Summer Term (deadline for applications is Monday 20/5/19).

Scholarship applications are then assessed by the Scholarship Committee:-

  • Fylde College Senior Advisor
  • Fylde JCR Representatives

If the application is successful the Senior Advisor will inform the student by email. Students must have their bank details registered on the university system to receive payment.

The successful applicant will be asked for a short write up (and if possible some photos) to describe their travels.


The Kruteen Desi Memorial Fund

The Kruteen Desi memorial Fund is named after a former Fylde Student and keen sportsman‌ who was tragically killed in a car accident just days before he was due to graduation.  

‌To honour Kruteen and his love of sport, the College and his Parents set up a fund in his memory which is designed to help Fylde students access sporting opportunities.  This grant is designed to assist in paying for expenses directly linked to sporting participation at either College or University Level, such as club fees, kit purchase or Sports Centre membership.

Application procedure 

If you consider yourself to be in financial hardship and will to be considered for an award from this fund, contact Fylde College Office ( for an application form.  You will be required to discuss your application with the College Manager and provide evidence of financial hardship and membership of a College or University sports team or Club.