A street in central Manhattan

New York

Explore many of New York’s cosmopolitan districts and, through independent projects, consider the processes that make it such a contested, yet popular, city.

This field course offers you the opportunity to experience and engage, both actively and critically, with the geography of New York City and different kinds of inequality in the city. During your week in New York, you will study the links between cultural, economic, political and social processes and the ways they influence urban landscapes and life in New York City.

In New York you may take part in a number of activities such as visiting activist groups, learning about gentrification, migration and patterns of community identity, and visiting community gardens to learn about nature in the city.

One of the course leaders, Dr Nils Markusson, says "New York is a place everyone knows before they go there in a sense, so we're trying to show them a different New York." Inequality is in some ways glaringly obvious in a place like New York, but in other ways difficult to spot. You will learn how to study aspects of inequality in the city, through guided explorations of the city and through designing your own research activity.

If you opt to take Study Abroad year, modules and field courses available for year 2 will be chosen from your host university. The fieldwork options available are subject to pre-requisites.

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