Requests and Recalls

The Library is a shared resource for the whole Lancaster University Ghana academic community. Please respect your fellow students by returning items on time.  


If all copies of an item are out on loan, you can request a copy through OneSearch.

You will need to log in first. Once you are logged in, search for your item, click on Find & Request and then on Request.

A recall e-mail will be sent to the person who has this item on loan asking them to return it within seven days or by the due date if that is sooner.

We will e-mail you when it is ready for collection.

Managing your requests

In My Account you can see where you are in the queue and cancel your request if you no longer require it.

OneSearch screenclip

Items can be requested and recalled throughout the year. Please make sure you check your Lancaster University Ghana e-mail regularly and can return any recalled items promptly.


Books and other items are issued subject to recall. The recall process ensures that items are available for use within a reasonable period by any member of Lancaster University Ghana.

If an item you have on loan is recalled you will receive an email to your Lancaster University Ghana email address asking you to return it within a specified period.

During term-time and the Easter and Summer vacations, you will be asked to return a recalled item within seven days or by the original due date if the item is already due back within seven days or is overdue. You will not be asked to return an item during the Christmas vacation, providing it is not overdue.

What if I am away?

If you are going to be away from the University you will still need to ensure that an item can be returned on time if it is requested by someone else.